The Publication of the international Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture; SUMMER 2019
Proceedings of SMI'2019 Fabrication and Sculpting Event (FASE)
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  • pdf: History & Future of FASE by Ergun Akleman and Karina Rodriguez Echavarria .
  • pdf: Fabrication and Sculpting Event 2019 by Negar Kalantar, Vinayak Raman Krishnamurthy and Konrad Polthier .
Full Papers
  • pdf: Combining Procedural Modeling and Interactive Graphical Editing for the Design of Abstract Geometrical Sculptures by Carlo H. Séquin and Toby Chen
  • pdf: Bead Sculptures and Bead-Chain Interlocking Puzzles Inspired by Molecules and Nanoscale Structures by Bih-Yaw Jin and Chia-Chin Tsoo
  • pdf: Data-spatialized Pavilion: Introducing a data-driven design method based on principles of catoptric anamorphosis by Seyed Vahab Hosseini, Hessam Djavaherpour, Usman Reza Alim, Joshua, Taron and Faramarz Famil Samavati
Short Papers
  • pdf: Decorative Knots in 3D Artwork: Fabricating Models with Successive Knotting by Haruka Ikeda, Leo Miyashita, Masahiro Hirano and Masatoshi Ishikawa
  • pdf: Modular Construction of Symmetrical Knots by Carlo H. Séquin, William Brandon and Jonathan Liu
Poster Extended Abstracts
  • pdf: The perception of fluid properties and how it influences an artistic direction in 3D printing by Dominique Claire Matthew and Oleg Fryazinov
  • pdf: Bi-Scale Porous Structures by Cong Rao, Fan Xu, Lihao Tian and Lin Lu
  • pdf: Sai Ganesh Subramanian, Matthew Eng, Vinayak Krishnamurthy and Ergun Akleman by Space Filling Delaunay Loft Sculptures